Corporate Meet and Greet – Haynie & Company

In this project we partnered with Haynie & Company for their annual student meet and greet event. Our goal for this video had two parts:

  1. Create an ad to raise awareness for the event
  2. Get content of the event for their website and social.

The Invite

This video was made for Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. We created a standard 16:9 format video for LinkedIn but we here at Swift Peak know that for Instagram and Facebook it’s better to do it in a square format.

It helps with the vertical nature of the platform, and it allows it to take a bigger focus on the feed when people are scrolling. We also opted to go with captions rather than an actual voice over because most people scroll Facebook and Instagram with their audio silenced.

The Event

The event was an open house for college students who were looking to get into public accounting. Our aim was to capture the event so they had some photos to use on their website to promote the follow year’s open house as well as create video piece that would highlight why Haynie would be a wonderful place to work after college.

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