Large Scale YouTube video

There comes a time when an individual or a company may want to produce a higher-end youtube video and Swift Peak is there to help make things happen.

The Project

This was a challenge-style video. The client and his friend put $10,000 on the line for one person of ten contestants to be titled the best hider in an epic game of hide-and-seek for the potential to win that $10,000 💵. The seekers were business owners and influencers.

A lot of things went into this. We created videos not only to help promote the event but to collaborate with those business owners and influencers. We gathered a crew of 8 people to run cameras on the day of the event and had each contestant with night vision cameras. We partnered with a local corn maze to help be the venue of the event.

After 3 hours of playing the game, we had a winner. This video is the result of this project.

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